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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations and requirements while providing cost-effective services. We will provide the best value to customers.

Our unique fixed price work, including new construction, roof recover/replacement, façade repair, window-door repair/replacement, and water/damp proofing projects, means no additional “hidden” charges for inspection, contractor meetings/training, scope changes, and contractor change orders. Our first price is the final price, period!

Our focus includes building asset condition and due diligence inspections.

Our staff are EXPERTS in roof, building exterior/facade, parking structure and hardscape issues and problem resolution. This includes infrared/nuclear thermal analysis, x-ray analysis, ground penetrating radar analysis, problem identification and solutions, one time/annual assessments, maintenance and replacement program development, specification development and/or review, and, alternative choice recommendations with comparative cost analyses.

Service is provided across North America as needed by a team of experts with hundreds of years of collective experience. Additional specific expertise is drawn upon as needed from a group of world-class scientists, consultants, and organizations.

Affiliation and training with groups such as those below ensures that customers receive the best possible services.

AFFILIATIONS include groups such as

$1,000,000 Errors & Omissions Insurance protecting every customer all of the time.